Limestone is a stone often used in construction. It is a suitable material for façade facing and floor coverings. Its light beige color makes it a favorite in every home, as it combines perfectly with any color and style.

Marble, as a natural stone, is known for its great variety of colors. Marble’s resistance to warmth and humidity, as well as its significant resistance to pressure, make it both a perfect solution when designing interesting interior and exterior of residential buildings and an appropriate material for floor coverings in communal and office buildings.

“Koprivlen mramor” Koprivlen mramor EOOD manufactures: marble, limestone and travertine blocks; gneiss – shaped or unshaped in the following colors: yellow, white, grey, brown, green; marble, limestone and travertine products ...

The granite is one of the densest and solid rocks. It is characterized by low water absorption and high resistance to cold. That is why it is suitable for interior and exterior furniture, as well as for wall coverings, floors, stairs, columns and others. 

Koprivlen Mramor Ltd. produces limestone blocks in own quarry in the village of Gorna Kremena, Vratsa region. We also have and marble blocks from Greek partner companies.