“Koprivlen mramor” EOOD was established in 1981. The main activity of the company is extraction and processing of stone facing materials. The company has at its disposal its own quarries for extraction of marble, limestone, travertine and gneiss. It has also developed a sales network in Bulgaria and abroad. The established traditions, the facilities, the modern equipment and the qualified employees allow us to offer to our clients various high quality products.

“Korpivlen mramor” EOOD manufactures:
  • Marble, limestone and travertine blocks;
  • Gneiss – shaped or unshaped in the following colors: yellow, white, grey, brown, green;
  • Marble, limestone and travertine products:
    • Slabs – 1, 2, 3 cm thick
    • Steps with a profile processing of the face
    • Under-window boards
    • Boards for bars, kitchens, radiators and bathrooms
    • Sawmill slabs
    • Plates of different sizes
    • Railings, balustrades, handles
    • Glitz, concrete surface, groin, rustication

The company has been a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology (BCMG) since 1993. In 2004 it was awarded an honorary diploma and a prize from BCMG for achievements in the mining industry in subsector extraction and processing of stone facing materials.

Копривлен-мрамор ЕООД